Sonya Jae Fedele is a Chicago-based visual artist who specializes in the conceptualization of the female figurative body.

Dedicated to an art form which links both the classical past and present contemporary, Sonya focuses on female nudes as a foundation. Her subjects become a launching pad to the creation of works that have never been seen before in the artistic firmament. Her style encompasses both the lyrical and the caricatural but retains its essential mode of combining realism and expressionism.

Sonya’s work is all meticulously drawn by hand, with graphite,ink or charcoal, refusing any kind of digital or airbrushed enhancements. Her artwork is not only the product of her vivid imagination, but pulled from real life experiences, as she sees them, through her artistic eyes. .

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Recent Exhibition :


2015     Urban & Industrial Art Show

2014     Pancakes & Booze Chicago 

2014     Clearprint Cross-Country Project







“It’s almost like putting armor on a woman. It’s very psychological way of dressing.”

-Alexander McQueen