Left My Heart

Title: Left My Heart (in the Round Room); Red Bull Art of Can 2014 Competition
Series: Original
Medium: Red Bull Cans, PVC tubing, artists plastic molding
Artist: Forsaken575
Notes: This was a very difficult project for me personally, involving many different skill sets. The idea was initially conceptualized after talking with a younger friend who just got home from the clubs. I was reminiscing about late night parties, Red Bull vodkas, and the endless energy I used to have (although I am constantly told my energy levels haven’t decreased by much). The piece is a model of the heart, which opens up, displaying the core, which is pumping actual Red Bull through the heart. Several thousand submissions were sent to Red Bull for the first round. I was one of the lucky 200 individuals who made it to the next round, which was juried.

On display at various Red Bull locations.