An evening with Forsaken Part 1: About his “Sanctuary” series of mixed media pieces:


Q: Tell us about the techniques used in your works.


This is a very special series of ongoing works for me. Each piece has a theme of a different country – such as Japan, Russia, Australia, etc.


For each piece, there are essentially “two” layers, although each layer could be compromised of multiple layers. Also, none of the newspaper clippings are randomly chosen, they are each carefully chosen, to further the story, or imagery of the piece being painted.


The bottom layer is typically faded, distressed, artificially aged or worn in some fashion. The top layer is generally untouched, with a rip going through it to exhibit the bottom layer. The rip and both layers are symbolic as they illustrate the old and new, death and rebirth. I love the concept of found art – taking something old and repurposing it into something new and attractive again. That is what I am also trying to illustrate with the layers as well.


Each title is also carefully considered and holds special meaning to the piece as well.


Q: What are some of the difficulties you have faced with these pieces?


Finding newspapers from countries that I want to do a piece for… [laughter]. No, really – call me if you can get me newspapers from countries i have yet to do… [laughter]

But seriously, one of the challenges has been on how to tell the story to tell along with the piece. Each piece is intimately a part of my own life, my history; the people I know, experiences I went through, emotions I felt. How much is too much to tell, or too little? Perhaps, it would be much easier to swallow if each piece was just a cool painting I did, and had no backstory.

Q: Which countries are you looking to do in your next piece?


I have been wanting to do a piece for either the UK, Chile or Ireland. Although I think it may be easier for me to get British newspapers than Chile at the moment.

Q: Are you looking to do every country?


Yes, if possible. I may need to expand my circle of friends or people I meet so I can tie them into some pieces. I still need to meet someone from Madagascar, that’s on my list to do.

Q: Are there any countries you are hesitant to do?


China could be an emotional one for me. It ties into a chapter of my life lasting over several years. Italy maybe.


Q: Why is Italy a maybe?


No comment.



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