Forsaken is a mixed media artist residing in the Chicago area. He has had a lifelong affair with the arts, participating in exhibitions since the age of eight. He is heavily influenced by varying schools of thoughts which are reflected in the philosophy and techniques in his artwork.

Having grown up in Chicago during its “Golden Age” of urban art, he experienced an art medium that expressed storytelling in a new visual style and scale unseen of before: distinct colors, less lines, and a much grander scale. Around the same time, the period saw a growth in popularity of comics, graphic novels and manga. Comics utilized a different technique for artistic storytelling, a gamut of colors, more line work and a more technical (if not exaggerated) human anatomy which seemed in contrast to the expressive, but more dynamic street art.

Both of these styles would stay with him as he refined his technique, first at Loyola Academy, where he initially studied art, theory and two and three-dimensional design. He went on further to study architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture.

These experiences helped forge both the technical and creative techniques in his works with a strong influence of storytelling and aesthetics. With an early acumen for line art, his earlier works include perspective drawings, character designs and illustrations.

Forsaken works in character driven pieces, person framed in a storyboard like manner intertwined with a story or message.

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“No time to sleep, it’s time to paint” -forsaken

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Select Recent Exhibition History:

2016     She Says, He Says, Groshek Gallery, Chicago IL (curated group show)

2016     Women in Gray, virtual exhibit, Vertical Gallery, Chicago IL

2016     Risque Cabaret, Flat Iron Arts Building, Chicago IL (curated by June Hankins)

2016     You Are Beautiful DIY Sticker Show, Galerie F, Chicago IL

2015     Slanted Canvas,  Genesis, Chicago IL

2015     BitBash, Bottom Lounge, Chicago IL

2015     You Are Beautiful, Galerie F, Chicago IL

2015     Urban & Industrial Art Show, Ek Automotive, Chicago IL

2014     ARTmageddon, Vertical Gallery, Chicago IL

2014     BitBash, virtual, Chicago IL 

2014     Red Bull: Art of the Can, Top 200 from national selection to be presented for juried event