Graphite on bristol vellum by resident Sonya Jae Fedele

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Resident Artists

  • Forsaken

    Forsaken is a mixed media artist residing in the Chicago area. He has had a lifelong affair with the arts, participating in exhibitions since the age of eight. He is heavily influenced by varying ...

  • CHONGO-Media

    !CHONGO! is a man of few words but many letters. Born in a punnery and raised by monk(ey)s, he honed his mastery of the bad pun early on in life and uses it as the driving force behind his art. ...

  • Sonya Jae Fedele

    Sonya Jae Fedele is a Chicago-based visual artist who specializes in the conceptualization of the female figurative body. Dedicated to an art form which links both the classical past and present ...

Resident Works

Latest images from the Studio

  • The Passing Stars

  • Hope

  • With One Eye Open

  • Studies on Vintage Sheet Music Part 1

  • Winter Kills

  • 5:31

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