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At Viable Studios, we believe that creativity is the lifeblood of the human spirit. We look to create a platform where individuals can unleash their creativity. We strive explore new techniques, experiment with different mediums, and merge ideas into new and exciting ways for all to experience.

Viable Studios was founded by artists to provide resources and support for those in the creative fields to remain competitive.

Privacy in the Digital Age

Privacy in the Digital Age

Many artists, activists and performers have no idea, or even use a VPN. With the rise of activism, political art and performances, for many creatives, online privacy is essential and tools such as VPNs are becoming essential.

Getting Back into It

Getting Back into It

The holidays are over and slowly but surely, things are slowly returning to the normal, whatever that is. Slowly trying to back into the groove can be a painstaking process, especially after being out of grind for a bit. For creatives, we’re not only mustering up...

The Visual Story

The Visual Story

Can you imagine reading a news article, perhaps some significant occurrence without any visual cues or images? How would someone feel when watching the news, hearing of some breaking news, with no visual content? It would be difficult to fully understand such content,...

The Bucket List

First, we want to continue to thank all of you for the continued support. We've been slowly making our way through changes on and offline that we've been discussing. Some of you may have been noticing some areas of the website have changed. We've currently removed the...


Affordable Art Fair comes to Hong Kong this May.

Yayoi_Kusama_infinity room installation

Free Tickets to Yayoi Kusama’s Exhibition at M+ Museum

Yayoi Kusama, who has rarely given interviews, has expressed that art has been a source of comfort throughout her life, which has been marked by crises due to her struggles with visual and auditory hallucinations since childhood. Kusama's intricate and overwhelming...

SAIC Student Uses Art as a Tool for Healing

A local art student is determined to discover her true identity, apart from the beliefs she was taught in church. After experiencing religious trauma for many years, she has been working for four years to redefine herself, and is using art as a tool to guide her and...


Our artists master their craft in conventional means. From painters to mixed media, we give form to creativity. Guests can view our artists and schedule an online meeting to view their work and discover how they can enhance your space.



Innovation meets creativity. Where our artists utilize cutting edge technologies to develop creative solutions for digital platforms. From concept to new digital mediums, enhance your digital platform with creative solutions.

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Writing Your CV


Writing a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is an essential necessity for many artists. It showcases their past exhibits and experience, and compatibility with future venues and galleries to consider.

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