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The creative path is not an easy path. It is not defined by rules and convention. Rather, it is defined by our own imagination, drive, and yearning. But without direction, how can we know how far we can or even should go? We understand the difficulties of the creative profession and want to help them push their careers as far as they can go

As creative professionals ourselves, we seek to educate, empower and engage the community. We hope to grow the community, while creating opportunities for individuals, allowing them to further succeed in their creative career path. By continuously engaging with others, we strive to create an open and engaged community.

The road ahead can be daunting, but the journey is much easier with a trusted friend. We seek to empower emerging talent, allowing them to become successful in their creative endeavors. With members from various industries, we are able to guide professionals through their career path by seeking out new markets, strategies and resources.

Not Just a Hobby

Empowering the creative community by sharing, collaborating and some damn good coffee…

What Retrospective

Several of us from the studio have left the safety of the city and have gone venturing in the burbs for an evening of hors d'oeuvre, cocktails and the promise that we will enjoy the night. We all meet at one of our houses to prepare earlier in the night – a few shots...

White Paper: A look at the proposal packet

It is a warm summer afternoon, and I am sitting with the owner of a popular gallery in the area. The gallery is in between shows, so there is some downtime for me to hang out, talk art, have some wine and enjoy an afternoon out of the office. The gallery is quiet,...


Sometimes you get on that wave and you don’t want to stop - whether it’s 2 AM in the studio or an afternoon at the café when you’re just writing ideas in your notebook. Your imagination is boundless, but yet sometimes you need the day to come up with that one idea...

No Sleep

We often joke about using "No Sleep" in our conversations and hashtags. But there is a lot of powerful truth behind this little phrase, that goes beyond late nights. The truth is that no matter the choices and career path you decide to take, success is not given to...

Ripped Jeans

As creatives, we learn the importance of self-expression in our day to day lives. We’re not looking to be just a part of something, but rather be our own thing. But what happens when being different is now the trend. Everyone is a yogi. We all drink Dark Matter...

With winter season upon us along with a new year, everyone here at the Studio has taken the last few weeks on planning the upcoming year and what it means not only for us, but for all of you.

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Art News

Industry news to help you navigate through your creative career

5 Pointz artists awarded damages for whitewashed art

a Brooklyn federal jury ruled favorably on Tuesday, for several artists in the dispute over 5 Pointz, an art mecca for many graffiti artists which was recently “whitewashed” to make way for a graffiti inspire rental building.

Art Deemed too Risky for Louvre

“Domestikator,” an art sculpture originally planned for Paris’ famous Louvre, has caused a lot of controversy in social media and has been pulled.

Tate Modern’s New Wing Provides a Model of Public Spaces

Tate Modern’s new wing, the Blavatnik Building has created a new public space for visitors amidst London's gentrification. In doing so, they engaged visitors to look at art as an experience, and not as an object. As part of the development, Tate Modern included spaces...

Oh, the places we will go

Photo gallery collection of our exploration into the arts and related events.

North Coast Festival Chicago 2016

We had the opportunity to explore North Coast over Labor Day weekend. We talked to some fantastic artists, many of whom are local to the Chicago art scene, listen to some great music, because we always have Odesza Bloom playing, and enjoy some brew as we close out the...

Threadless 10 yr

Threadless is celebrating 10 years, and their new office space. Some of us went to the roof top and discovered this beauty.

The Broad Collection

Resident artist Forsaken recently took a trip out to LA; during his trip, he had a chance to check out some of the local Museums including the Getty, MOCA, MOCA - The Geffen Contemporary, The Broad and the Tar Pits. He took a lot of pics for us, so enjoy! When I...

Spotlight on

Writing Your CV


Writing a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is an essential necessity for many artists. It showcases their past exhibits and experience, and compatibility with future venues and galleries to consider.

- Paige

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