The first exhibition in the history where everyone gets IN! Submit now!

Do you regard yourself as an artist, but never can earn your live as a “professional artist”?

Do you always wait for being “selected”, but never know what’s the “marking criterion” of the jury?

Do you often dream of being “invited” to the highest art event such as Venice Biennale, but never find the “right path”?

Today, your dream will come true, and your words will be heard.

We encourage everyone to apply for this exhibition.

We want everyone’s scream to be worldwide.

We need to renew the thinking and the trend by questioning the hierarchical “art circle”, and the obscure “art evaluation”.

“TRANS-BORDERING-ART:Everyone’s 5 min Solo Exhibition ” is a group exhibition parallel to the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale (13th of May – 26th of November 2017). As a unique program in a significant international biennale, the main game rule is that everyone who submits will be selected and awarded!

All these because several artists titled themselves as “Art-Trans-Borderers” will smuggle your artworks from “outside”, to exhibit them in Venice Biennale “inside”, from the opening day 13 May to 17 May. Moreover, they will be also exhibited in “Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017” which covers the whole duration of the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale (more than 6 months).

General information:

Numbers of participating artworks: 200(international)

Duration of the submission: 3 April to 8 May

Exhibiting time in Venice: 13 May to 17 May

Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017: 13 May to 26 November

Venize Biennale World Tour 2017- Documenta Stop: Mid July

Organizer: Venize Biennale

Project initiator: Tan Tan (China)

Programmer in Europe: Sophie Saporosi (Belgium)

Academic adviser in China: Cai Qing

Programmer in China: Tan Tan

Art trans-borderers: Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi (Belgium), Eric Bribosia (Belgium), to be added…


Viable Studios