First, we want to continue to thank all of you for the continued support. We’ve been slowly making our way through changes on and offline that we’ve been discussing. Some of you may have been noticing some areas of the website have changed.

We’ve currently removed the ‘Calls for artists’ area for now. We are looking for a way to streamline this as it was a very labor and time consuming process as it was. As we continue to try to streamline our processes, we’re going to look at ways to make this easier for everyone – both submission and processing side. We truly believe that this is a helpful resource for readers, but also that there may be other resources that are more focused on it as well.

Events and the calendar has also been disabled for the time being as well. This was utilizing a lot of resources on our hosts and was also not a very streamline feature as well. Spamming and low effort submissions (non-relevant, missing details, inaccurate information) also didn’t help and took up more time for us to go through to verify.

Studio information, residents and portfolios continuing to change. For protection of creative properties of artists, as well as unauthorized usage of some content online, much of this content will be removed, watermarked (yes, none of us are fans of that either), or replaced with lower quality versions. That said, we are allowing online tours of portfolios so that interested parties can still view work online. Hopefully, this is satisfactory to all, but we’ll continue to listen to feedback and make changes as needed.

We will be adding a project page where Studio projects can be displayed and followed more easily.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback we’ve received and always looking at how we can improve. Thanks again, we’re all pretty excited about what we have planned, so hopefully you check back again soon!

Viable Studios