Just like many people around the world, we have seen the many changes in how we work, socialize and even behave around family and friends. It should be no surprise. The pandemic has changed the personal behaviors for many, while businesses adapt to meet the changing needs of the world and the people who may or may not want to follow such changes.

You may have noticed minor changes to the website. We have begun to archive old posts and articles, as well as remove sections of the site. Some areas will not return however as part of the changes. We are still auditing and analyzing our assets to see what will have minimal impact to our users however and we welcome any feedback that anyone may have.

As part of content removal, we will also be slowly removing specific media, mostly images that are Studio artists’ works. Work will still be available digitally, but through appointment only. There were several methods to address this, but to protect the value of our artists online, we felt that removing images of work is a necessary first step in helping to minimize the potential of digital theft, copying and unauthorized distribution.

In trying to help keep users updated, we have also separated Studio news and announcements as a separate blog from other content. Hopefully, readers will be able to more easily navigate the site and find specific topics or news from us more quickly and easily.

Last, we are still operating in a pandemic setting. With many of us remote. We have seen our fair share of what the pandemic can do and have lost a few loved ones along the way. Our videographer, Tim, was one of the first to truly see the horrors of Covid personally as he became ill before the vaccine was readily available. Traveling around the country for personal projects, Tim saw firsthand how the pandemic wreaked havoc in communities, work places and within families. Sadly, during one of his last travels, Tim was unable to escape the pandemic himself and we lost him shortly after vaccines were first starting to roll out. Our video series that Tim was helping to has been temporarily halted for now until we can continue filming safely. We wish him and his family all the best.

We want to thank you all of you who are on this journey with us.

Viable Studios