Paris. The Pompidou Centre has planned a new artistic installation, originally planned for Paris’ famous Louvre, that has caused a lot of controversy in social media. The Centre has planned for a 12 meter tall, sexually explicit sculpture, by artist Joep van Lieshout, which many are calling too risqué.

The sculpture, titled “Domestikator,” is planned to be placed in the Tuileries Gardens, a 13th century garden that is next to the the famous Louvre Museum as part of The International Contemporary Art Fair, occurring this month.

The geometric shaped sculpture shows a human-esque figure that appears to be penetrating a four-legged “animal”.

The artist, never intended to be sexually interpreted but was ultimately disappointed when told that the work couldn’t be shown.

“I couldn’t explain my ideas to (the) larger public,” van Lieshout said of the museum’s decision to pull out.

After a flood of negative comments and feedback on social media, the Louvre made its decision to not show the work. The Domestikator is now showing outside the architectural building at the esplanade at the Pompidou.

Previously displayed in Germany for three years, the sculpture has not had any negative publicity before now.

Van Lieshout insisted that Domestikator tells the story of animal domestication by humans and ethical concerns, for agricultural and industrial profit.

The International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) has previously was under fire when in vandals damaged a giant green inflatable sculpture back in 2014. The sculpture shared a close resemblance to a sex toy, and was in the city’s most famous squares.

The outrage brings to the forefront matters of artistic freedom and censorship.


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