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Empowering the Creative Community

  • Empowering the Community

    As creative professionals ourselves, we seek to educate, empower and engage the community, not compete against it. By sharing our vision, we hope to elevate the community as a whole, while ...

  • Professional Development

    “I have learned that nothing is certain except for the need to have strong risk management, a lot of cash, the willingness to invest even when the future is unclear, and great ...

    • The History of Art Basel

      The History of Art Basel

      A convergence of factors – a modern brand of consumer with more leisure time and buying power, coupled with greater gallery activity and extensive mass media reach, fueled interest in modern art and made Basel a cradle of the art industry. ...

      November 27, 2018
    • 5 Pointz artists awarded damages for whitewashed art

      5 Pointz artists awarded damages for whitewashed art

      a Brooklyn federal jury ruled favorably on Tuesday, for several artists in the dispute over 5 Pointz, an art mecca for many graffiti artists which was recently “whitewashed” to make way for a graffiti inspire rental building. ...

      November 08, 2017
    • Art Deemed too Risky for Louvre

      Art Deemed too Risky for Louvre

      "Domestikator," an art sculpture originally planned for Paris’ famous Louvre, has caused a lot of controversy in social media and has been pulled. ...

      October 18, 2017
    • Remembering Variety

      Remembering Variety

      For any of you who grew up on comics between the 70’s to the 90’s might have stopped by Variety comics. Passers-by may remember the comic inspired mural standing guard on Western.  ...

      September 17, 2016
    • Zedd at North Coast

      Zedd at North Coast


      September 12, 2016
    • ODESZA @ North Coast

      ODESZA @ North Coast

      We are always jamming ODESZA here, sooooo happy that they were here at North Coast! We didn’t even notice someone had a Harambe banner until we were transferring pics! Pics and vids below....

      September 12, 2016

Not just a hobby.

Empowering the creative community by sharing, collaborating and some damn good coffee...

Writing Your Artist’s CV (curriculum vitae)

Writing a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is an essential necessity for many visual artists. How to write a CV as an artist? Here are some helpful guidelines for emerging and mid career artists.

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Privacy in the Digital Age

Many artists, activists and performers have no idea, or even use a VPN. With the rise of activism, political art and performances, for many creatives, online privacy is essential and tools such as VPNs are becoming essential.

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Getting Back into It

The holidays are over and slowly but surely, things are slowly returning to the normal, whatever that is. Slowly trying to back into the groove can be a painstaking process, especially after being out of grind for a bit. For creatives, we’re not ...

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The Visual Story

Can you imagine reading a news article, perhaps some significant occurrence without any visual cues or images? How would someone feel when watching the news, hearing of some breaking news, with no visual content? It would be difficult to fully ...

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Speak in Tongues

  Back when we were redesigning the site, some of us were in a shared office space. Occasionally, we asked a couple of the designers to work on site a couple days during the week to do follow up on projects. Naturally, some of the graphic ...

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This is Water

One of our favorites here… Originally the commencement Speech to Kenyon College class of 2005 by David Foster Wallace. The Glossary, who does outstanding work turned it into a short video, which was absolutely stunning but no longer ...

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What Retrospective

Several of us from the studio have left the safety of the city and have gone venturing in the burbs for an evening of hors d’oeuvre, cocktails and the promise that we will enjoy the night. We all meet at one of our houses to prepare ...

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White Paper: A look at the proposal packet

It is a warm summer afternoon, and I am sitting with the owner of a popular gallery in the area. The gallery is in between shows, so there is some downtime for me to hang out, talk art, have some wine and enjoy an afternoon out of the office. ...

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Off Exploring

The shows, events and places we have gone to in search of art, creativity and expression in the world...

  • Remembering Variety

  • Zedd at North Coast

  • ODESZA @ North Coast

  • North Coast Festival Chicago 2016

  • Threadless 10 yr

  • The Broad Collection

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